Deanne MazzochiThe Strength We Need.
The Leadership We Deserve.

While Deanne Mazzochi Fought for the People of Illinois …

Deanne Mazzochi is a dedicated legislator who focuses her time on fighting state corruption, including calling for a ban on legislators serving as lobbyists.

Jennifer Zordani Stayed Loyal to Speaker Madigan’s Checkbook

Zordani’s campaign depends on Speaker Madigan’s money,1 and she will consistently choose to protect Mike Madigan over the families of our district.

While Deanne Mazzochi Stood Up for Homeowners …

Deanne Mazzochi proposed a plan to lower property taxes, but her efforts were blocked by Speaker Mike Madigan. Madigan and his law firm have made millions from the property tax appeals process.

Jennifer Zordani Continued the Out-of-Control Spending

Zordani’s finances are a wreck, with nearly $100,000 worth of credit card debt on her financial disclosure.2 For someone who claims she can help clean up our financial mess, she sure can’t seem to clean up her own.

While Deanne Mazzochi Was a Bipartisan Problem-Solver …

Deanne Mazzochi led the fight against Sterigenics and worked to obtain bipartisan support to toughen Illinois’ regulations to protect local residents against the dangers of ethylene oxide, and she worked with Republicans and Democrats to increase access to breast cancer screenings.

Jennifer Zordani Stayed Silent in the Face of Madigan’s Scandals

Zordani has said she wants to work across the aisle and will fight for good government in Springfield, but she has remained silent as her party boss Mike Madigan has been embroiled in scandal after scandal. She said nothing as Madigan’s political operation was involved in a high profile rape cover-up,3 and she has continued to take money directly from Madigan,4 even as powerful Democratic women across the state have called on Madigan to resign in the wake of the ComEd bribery scheme.5

Jennifer ZordaniA Champion for No One but Herself
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